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I get knocked down…

…but I get up again, You are never going to keep me down. A good old throwback to the 90’s before getting serious with this post. On a side note, does anyone else find it weird that 90’s music is on throwback playlist? I grew up in the 90’s and let me just say, those were some of the best days. Anyways, I digress, back to this post.

First things first, I want to apologize for not being as active was hoping to be. It always seems like when I have a chance to sit down and write, life gets in the way. A couple weeks ago I came down with a really bad cold. Monday was a fever, and slept all Tuesday,  at first I thought it was because I was missing Josh, but alas it was not. By Wednesday I had no voice, Josh was 4 hours away, and only half way through his first week of work, to add to everything I was supposed to work at 8am. I managed to have a coworker work the first 4 hours and I was in for the last 4, by the end I had the worst migraine and wanted nothing more than too sleep again. This went on for a week. Come Tuesday of last week, I still wasn’t feeling 100%, but I made it in to work for my 4-12 shift. However Tuesday was different, I didn’t have the greatest feeling, I hadn’t been feeling great about my job in about a month. I was dreading going into work, I looked forward to the end of my shift more than going into work, which is not like me, I always love looking forward to work, but not here. I’d been feeling rather discriminated against at work lately, being a person of colour in a small town, there were lots of comments and looks, but having grown up in that town I took them as normal and they were what I was used to. But deep down inside I knew it was time for a change. So, last Tuesday, I made the executive decision to leave the company. I do feel bad for not giving 2 weeks, but I feel it was the best decision for me.  I’ve honestly not felt this rested in months, it took the last bit of last week to fully come to term with my decision, but I’m loving it now.

What I’ve learned from this somewhat, thoughtless, act of rebellion, is that it feels good to make the right decision. Even if that decision is hard for you at first, or you feel like you’re screwing someone else over, chances are, that if the only person you had in mind was you, you’re actually doing the right thing. Sometimes mental gains and self improvement come with a bit of doubt, but it will all work out in the end. Better things will come your way, don’t ever let anyone else tell you other wise. You are in charge of your own fate and decisions, how you act on them is your choice.

You are the boss of you and that’s that!


Wow! I know I’ve been MIA for almost a month now, I apologize for that. When we got back from vacation I had another week off, due to scheduling and being sick with food poisoning, during that time I worked on 4 posts and getting my pictures ready to be put on any and every social media account I have, and then everything changed…

About a week after we got back from vacation, Josh received a phone call from an unknown British Colombia number. Little did he (we) know that that phone call would be a big one. When he came home from work that afternoon he told me all about it. A railway contract company had contacted him to offer talk about a potential job offer. Now being the stubborn man Josh is, he was hesitant and didn’t really like the idea that “head hunters” where contacting him. After many lengthy and in depth conversations, I convinced him that getting a little more information wouldn’t hurt. So emails were sent and phone interviews done, and an in person interview was set up for the next week (second week of April). The interview was planned for Thursday, which gave some time to prepare, but then it was bumped to Wednesday, and finally Monday afternoon. Although we felt annoyed the time kept changing, and we had to scramble to figure out transportation…Josh took my car into Toronto and I took a cab to work…in retrospect, the date was probably changing because they were flying in from BC just to meet with Josh, and had to figure out the best flight. The interview went well, they emailed him the contract and work offer that night and told him he had 24 hours to decide. I know for myself when I’m offered a new opportunity I jump on it, however this was different. Yes, this company was going to offer him the 6 figure salary he was asking, but it was contract work, potential to be away from home, a supervisor position that would put a lot of pressure on him, as he’d be responsible for his team. Was this a change he wanted to make? By Tuesday evening he was still undecided and called to let them know he wasn’t sure, they extended his deadline to Thursday. Long story short, somewhat, he excepted and there’s been no slowing down since. By Good Friday he was given all the training information, he would have to go to BC for a week to meet some of the team out west and then by last week the location had changed to New Brunswick. So tickets were bought, hotel reservations made and Friday afternoon, he dropped off his old work truck, handed over his work stuff and got ready for New Brunswick. I drove him to the airport Sunday, and was already missing him 45 minutes later when I was home. I’m looking forward to Saturday morning when I get to pick him up! I’m actually going to pay for parking so I can be at arrivals when he gets there. Which brings me to my next point, vlogging.

I’m finally starting my YouTube channel! I’m always buying new things, receiving gratis at work, or going on adventures, and I figured there was no better time to start than now. As some of you may know, I’m currently working 2 jobs, full time Beauty Advisor and on my days off, I’m working as an assistant in an optical store. But if I’m being honest I don’t really do much there because the owner always jumps in and takes over. Annoying and frustrating, yes, but not for much longer. I’ve accepted a new assistant position which pays better and has more perks, I’ll be driving around some more and running errands for my new position and what better way to bring you all along than to vlog my adventures. I’m also really hoping I’ll have more time to work on my blog with this new position. It’s only 1 day a week, so I will have a day off that I can dedicate to blogging and starting my youtube. I’m going to link my first video below, check it out and subscribe, feel free to share. I do have a few ideas for the next videos I’ll be putting up but let me know what you want to see!


If you made all the way to the end of this post, thank you. I hope it wasn’t too long or dry of a read. And I promise once everything settles down a bit, I will get back to posting more.

Back to reality…

I just got back home, at 2am this morning, from a week in Costa Rica!! Pictures, videos and posts to come soon!! I’m procrastinating slightly though. I have a new MacBook Pro and have to buy an adaptor for the cord from my camera to fit properly, but after a week away, I’m feeling lazy. I’m hoping to have all my pictures uploaded today or tomorrow and then I’ll be working away on some posts!

Soups on!!

I finally got to try the new Ramen place! It was good, I’ve never had other ramen to compare to, but it was good.


Surf&Turf Vegetarian

I ordered the Surf&Turf Vegetarian, the only option on the menu to choose from. I was pretty excited to finally have the chance to try this delicious looking meal. I was happily satisfied with the portion size, it was huge, but I did manage to finish it all in about 45 minutes.

On the menu the Surf&Turf is said to be “Shiitake, seaweed&tomato broth, baby bok choy, enoki, semi-dried tomatoes, soy braised black beans and kabocha” I also added a marinated soft boiled egg to my ramen as well, which a side of Naked kombucha. Josh, on the other hand, is the total opposite of me, he had the Meat Lovers, again with an added marinated soft boiled egg and a Pommies cider.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 10.08.53 PM
Meat Lovers

Looking at the menu the Meat Lovers is described as ” Pork jowl kakuni, pork chashu & pulled shoulder, chicken breast, green onion, pickled shiitake and burnt sesame oil in rich chicken/pork/duck broth.”

We happily waited for our ramen, chatting about our day, before we realized our drink orders still hadn’t come. We made a remark, more to ourselves, but it was overheard and our drinks arrived shortly after. Again we began chatting and discussing our plans for our little get away to Costa Rica, and again we were interrupted a few minutes in by the chef informing us that they were all out of kabocha for the day. Not really phased by that, I said was happy with the substitutes they were offering. However, looking back I think they were missing a bit more than the kabocha. In my ramen I received, bok choy, noodles, soft boiled egg, enoki, and the soy braised black beans the menu called for, missing was the shiitake, semi-dried tomatoes and enochi. As a replacement for all of the missing veggies I got corn…yes that’s right, corn. Its like everywhere I go, my food turns into a burrito of sorts. All of that being said I was happy with my food, it tasted good, that’s it, just good. I’m still undecided about how I felt about the whole experience, and I’m undecided as to whether or not I’ll be going back. On one hand I’d really like to try the real Surf&Turf Vegetarian, on the other hand I wasn’t blown away, and I had the high expectation that I would be. This place is always sold out, and I’m still wrapping my head around why that is. It was a great treat for a cold, Canadian day in late March, and I think it will make a great winter pit stop, but until then, I think I’ll stick to my regular little spots.

The Meat Lovers was a hit though, but then again, Josh will give anything a try if you put it in front of him. That’s where we differ, I don’t like change, any type of change, and Josh is a bit more open. We both do enjoy new culinary experiences though and his tastebuds were blown away. He raved about the pickled shiitake, and being a vegetarian-mushroom-lover (the non psychedelic kind) I was very bummed I couldn’t try them. The Meat Lovers ramen lasted about 15 minutes, it seemed like I’d just taken a bite and Josh was done.

The experience was overall a really good one, I was happy to share it with the man I love, and at the end of the day any time spent with him is a great time. Even though my picky eating, and harsh judgment comes out a bit too often, I did truly appreciate the ramen experience and it has peaked my interest into what other types of ramen are out there and I look forward to the culinary adventures in my future.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you next time!









If there’s anything anyone knows about me, its that I love soup. I’m not talking about that type of love that floods over you as you eat a food, remembering how much you “love” it and when the meal is over the food is forgotten until the next time you have it, only to feel that love again. I’m talking about the love of a food I could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner 365 days a year for the rest of my life. So naturally, when a new soup place opens in town I have to try it.

Over the years my tastebuds have developed more and the standards I have for the quality of food have been raised significantly. By no means would I say I’m a professional food connoisseur, but I can appreciate any food experience, be it fine dining or casual. Trying new food can either be a nerve wracking or it can be the most wonderful, joyful experience ever. I always try to go into a meal with the highest of expectations, for the quality of food being serve.What I mean by that is if I’m going to a food truck, I’m going to have different expectations than if I were to go to a three star restaurant, but as I said, I always expect the best. So, when I don’t receive the best that could be offered I’m a bit surprised. Now back to my story about soup…

This past weekend was an on-call weekend, and it was probably one of the more busier ones in a while. These type of weekends mean its hard to make plans, and its hard to guarantee there’ll be enough time to sit down at a restaurant to enjoy a good meal. Josh was called out Friday night for 4 fours, on top of working 8 hours that day, and then went out another 8 hours Saturday. By the time he was ready for lunch, he was so tired that I offered to go pick up ramen from the new restaurant downtown. I arrived around 2:30, not the best timing as the restaurant closes at 3, but that’s when Josh got back from work. There was a line up of people outside, and I assumed there was a line up to get in, but no such luck. The restaurant was sold out and all these people, myself included were disappointed we were unable to try this delicious looking food. Feeling slightly let down, I returned home empty handed. Determined to get some ramen, Josh and I woke up Sunday and proceeded to make a game plan. We arrived downtown well before closing time only to find another line up. We got inside and it was packed, a group of 8 were seated at the front table and another 6 or so were at the bar, the kitchen (which used to be downstairs) was now upstairs taking up much of the seating area, making the tiny area even more cramped. While we were waiting in line we grabbed a menu so we knew what we wanted when we reached the front. The line moved fairly fast and the small little area was filling up fast, when the couple ahead of us reached the counter they were told it was standing room only, they looked at each other and left. “Good thing we’re getting this to go” I said…or so I thought. Right as we were about to place our order Josh asked if they did orders to go, the lady behind the counter looked at us with a dazed look. Again Josh asked if we could have the ramen to go, again the lady looked confused and after about a 30 second pause said “No, no take out. We don’t offer that. What do you want?” We both looked at each other, disappointment sinking in again, we said “Thank you” and left.

Neither Josh nor I are ones to complain about experiences, he may be a little harder to impress due to his previous experience in the industry, but we felt a bit let down. We understood it was a new restaurant, but for someone like me who never finishes a full meal, not having an option to take food home was lost business. Unless I’m welcome to sit in the restaurant for another 3 hours until I’m hungry again, which I don’t think is allowed, I don’t think I’ll be returning until its a bit more of an established business. After due consideration and much thought, I wrote a message to The Crafty Ramen, politely asking if take out would eventually be an option once they gained their footing, explaining the difficulty of being able to sit down and enjoy a meal when on call, I never got a response but was left on read.

This whole experience has left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth, I really do want to try this amazing looking ramen, but I’m not sure anymore. Have you guys ever experienced something like that? Let me know. Maybe we are both over reacting, maybe we were both hangry and looking to take that out on our food service. In the mean time I’ll keep you updated on my ramen adventures!

Thanks for tuning in!!